Registration Fee: $25 per year ($15 with paid registration by June 1)

Registration for 2014/15 Season

Class Tuition:

Tuition payments are due the first day of each month.

Specialty Classes
Solo – $60 per month
Duet – $50 per month
Trio – $40 per month


Monthly Tuition
1st class – $35 per month (or a fee for solo, duet, or trio)
2nd class – add $35 per month
3rd class – add $26 per month
4th class – add $26 per month
5th class – add $24 per month

Unlimited Dance Classes – $150 per month (does not include solo, duet, or trio; available with additional fee and 20% discount)


Competition Fees & Costumes are in addition to all class cost.  Fundraising opportunities will be offered throughout the season for those who are interested to offset or minimize these expenses.